Friday, 22 August 2014

Handmade Naturals - My faves

So over the last few months we have been using and testing a few products from Handmade Naturals and we are sooo in LOVE with their stuff. Handmade naturals by Corinne is a gorgeous little store in Highgate Hill, Brisbane which is full of all natural and organic products. From hair and body care to essential oils, make up, food etc. She has it all and her shop is the cutest! With no nasty hidden chemicals or altered natural products, I highly recommend her stuff to those who are looking for a more 'natural' approach to health and beauty. Her growing concern for the effects of chemicals on health, skin and our precious planet drove her to research natural alternatives for a variety of things and she is such an inspiration to me! To learn more about her shop and research, click here. To learn more about my favourite products and why, keep reading! haha

1. Cedarwood, Bay and Patchoulli & Peppermint and Seaweed soaps

These babies are my absolute faves! I have been using the cedarwood as a facewash substitute as well as a body soap and it has worked its magic on my skin (I now use it religiously everyday). Apparently cedarwood is also good for acne prone skin, and I can guarantee that it works! My husband loves the peppermint because its sooo refreshing, and when its also cold pressed with coconut, palms oil, and macadamia nut oils, who wouldn't love this stuff! There is a whole range or luxury soaps on her website! you can check them out here

2. Rose Hip and Jojoba Face Cream

This is another product that I use religiously (twice a day lol). Made with lots of different essential oils, this face cream suits most skin types as it contains lavender, rosewood and geranium which are all well known for their skin balancing properties. Pure Rose hip oil is also used, and has been well documented for its amazing effect on wrinkles, scars and pigmentation. You can buy this product online here.

 3. Rose Water Mist

I use this as a toner under my Rose Hip and Jojoba face cream and it makes a little go a long way! With rose essential oil infused in purified water, it has humectant properties to help keep your face and skin hydrated!

4. Lavender Infused Coconut husk 

A fine exfoliant that I use on both my face and body about once a week. After reading about plastic microbeads in both beauty products and cleansers, I was determined to find a more natural approach (other than sugar and honey haha), and I cant get enough of this stuff! There is a whole range of other beauty products you can buy and use but I religiously buy these 5 products once every two months or so. I also use virgin unrefined coconut oil as a body moisturizer and as a hair mask and I love it! (If i had more money I would use her body mousse but coconut and sweet almond oil will have to do for now lol) I am not being paid to write this post, I am simply sharing some of my favourite products from her store because I love her ideology and what she stands for. Her products are not just about beauty. They are also about holistic health, looking after our precious planet and our bodies through natural remedies. I LOVE Handmade Naturals by Corinne and I know you will too xo