Friday, 20 June 2014

A&D cosmetics in Brisbane

I have always been a fan of that 'minimal/flawless' make up look and have forever been on the look out for a make-up brand that gives me that flawless look. I have previously used mac, calvin klein, loreal, maybelline and all sorts of other finds with no real long term satisfactory. Not to long ago, I joined the Arousal and Designs Cosmetics team, and they (seriously not being biast) have the BEST make-up prods I have ever used! All I use for a natural base is a primer, tinted moisturizer, their concealer stick and a little powder... IT DOES WONDERS!! And I cant wait for their stock to arrive in Brisbane so we can give it out STRAIGHT AWAY and not have to worry about shipping!!! If your a make-up finad like me, you must atleast TRY this product!  Everything is mineral based (bar the thicker concealer to maximize coverage), and the quality of the products are so good! If you want to look more into A&D cosmetics, you can find information here. If your in the Brisbane area and would like to try the products, pop over to our facebook page ( which can be found under the "follow us" section on the side bar :) ) and send us a message!! Meanwhile, check out some of the nude faced beauty inspo that we LOVE from our pinterest account! (We love pinterest!) xo JM

Images are not my own. Gathered from pinterest

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Black and White love

I love black and white. There is something so incredibly sexy about the 'hair in the wind, all over the face, blank canvas background' look to me. Im such a pinterest addict! I love looking for new inspiration and new ideas! Im still trying to figure out how to work around and change things on our blog, but when I finally do figure it out ( and how to get all the share buttons) come and check out some of our inspiration boards! (If anybody has any tips please feel free to share!! :) ) From decor to food to fashion to photography. We love and cover all. Here's a few of my Pinterest faves from tonight. Black and white portrait loves.  Jome xo

Images are not mine. Provided by Pinterest #blackandwhite #portrait #beautyfashionandlifestyleblogger

Monday, 2 June 2014

The broke girls guide to fashion

This is what we like to call "The broke girls guide to fashion". We have narrowed down our list to just 5 basic reminders (cause 10 was too much to remember haha) to help guide you when it comes to shopping for new clothes and accessories.  Enjoy xo

Big patterns and colours look more upmarket and sophisticated in comparison to little dinky patterns. If you can, go for deeply saturated prints to make sure it doesn't fade to quickly. Quick fading will immediately outdate you.
Graphic Floral Matching Separates, $86.00 from Pixie market

Thats it. No ifs or buts about it. You know that little belt that came with your dress or that flower broach? bin it. Built in's instantly outdate an outfit and just make you look old. Remove built in's and replace them with your own more modern accessories to keep you looking trendy.
Navy Blue Belt with Rose Gold toned keepers, $30 available at River Island

Keep it simple. You don't need anything fancy on your sleeves or droopy waterfall like collars. Those outdate your outfit (and if they do come into fashion, they only last so long). Try going for neutral colours too such as white, grey, cream etc because minimal and neutral are timeless.
Cozy Cropped Sweater in Heather Grey, on sale for $12.48 at Forever 21

When looking for a handbag, go for something that has a little more structure. Bags with a shape tend to look a little more snazzy, while slouchy (especially in faux leather) tends to come across as cheap and unsophisticated looking. To many buckles, clips and mixed textures is a big fat NO to. Just keep it simple.
Hillary Bag in Black, on sale for $29.95, at Sportsgirl

Jewelry shopping can be really hard because there is SOOOO much choice all the time! One simple rule... not to shiny. Overly shiny golds and silvers can come across as tacky and cheap. Go for something slightly dull to keep you looking classy and stylish.
ABRACADABRA cuff in silver, on sale for $59.00 at BigBangNYC