Tuesday, 20 May 2014

2014 NYFW mens street style faves

I know this is a bit delayed, but I thought I would come back to this since its winter... and I LOVE winter fashion. So
after going through a few pics and asking my hubby a billion questions, we found a few looks for the guys that we liked that are both fashionable/practical and wearable (Im really loving printed pants but most guys probably wont wear them on a day to day basis sooo.. they got the cut haha). We also listed 5 Mens must-haves (that are versatile and not to hard to get) this winter and they include....
1. Statement scarf (or any scarf just not checkered... checkered scarves are out!)
2. Woolen sweater (Im really loving turtle necks at the moment).
3. Boots (So in!)
4. Winter coat (with regards to length, not down to your ankles long, but if you check the photos you'll get what we mean).
5. Deep grey pants (also check the photos. Black will always be a staple but if your feeling game enough to switch it up, deep grey is just as versatile!).

Check out how cool basics can look when styled below. Layer it, don't layer it. Up to you, whatever floats ya boat!  :)
Enjoy xo M&J